The most beautiful thing is the sound

With over 30 years in the audio visual industry, we felt the need to create a small focused distribution company mixing the best of design, individuality, quality and function.

Our belief is that we spend much more of our time entertaining at home with family and friends as well as at work, so the need for products that stimulate our senses is more important than ever, as well as the highest possible standard not only in how they look but in the materials that are used to create them.

We all want to have something that looks good, feels good, sounds good and that’s what we here at Prometheus A.E. want to achieve.

Function has taken over design in the world, but why not have design, performance, aesthetics & function to give you that feeling of satisfaction when owning a special product.

That’s why Prometheus A.E. is moving forward in how we can improve on providing technologies to you which will give you something a bit more special. Our products are carefully researched and chosen so that they will be individual and exclusive giving you satisfaction and contentment.

Why 'Everything but the box' (EBTB)

We have this picture in our minds that speakers are boxes either big or small but always some sort of box, and why there are no rules to say it must be a box in fact boxes are always flawed, as it is very difficult to lose that boxy sound, and there are standing waves.

So really if you can make a product that doesn't have a cabinet your already getting rid of numerous issues and by using good design and quality components you have....

Why Russell K?

‘We have known Russell Kauffman for many years and of his work within the hifi industry we knew whatever he was going to build for himself just had to be good.
But we were so impressed by the sheer quality and performance of the Russell K speakers we just had to get involved and introduce his fabulous speakers for all to enjoy.
Being performance led with clean designs this is just the beginning of more great products to come.’

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