Why Russell K?

Precision Audio Loudspeakers (www.russellk.co.uk) Russell K. was founded by Russell Kauffman and with over 30 years experience in building & designing speakers for various major companies here in the UK, he has taken his natural path by making his very own speakers.

His passion for sound and music has driven him to produce an outstanding stand mount high performance speaker which just blew us away. Russell was inspired by the work carried out by the BBC’s research department of acoustics, but with a modern touch. His ability to use a mixture of both old and new technologies blending them in a way to create not just the best speaker at its price point, but also well above it, is truly amazing!

The Russell K. range will launch with the ‘Red 100 series’, around early May with 4 more models which will be ready later on in the year.

All speakers will be with the option of different cabinet finishes, baffle colours, acoustically transparent grille and sonically matching stands to complete the range.

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