Europa is 10” active subwoofer especially designed to be addition to all our small loudspeakers, making active 3-way system with truly high end sound and outlook.

The amplifier of Europa delivers 400 W RMS for the woofer and 100W RMS for the mid/high frequencies per channel. With separate control on the Low, Mid and High frequencies and 1000 W RMS, Europe is one of the most powerful and flexible systems on the market.

Europa can be used with any of our small loudspeakers and due to its beautiful design, it will be a real pleasure to your eyes too.

Frequency response: 25Hz – 90Hz RMS

Power: 400W (Low) + 100 W (Mid/High)

RMS per channel Woofer: 10” cast-frame, neodymium

Dimensions: 100 cm X 30 cm X 40 cm (H W D) Weight: 26 Kg

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