subterranean is a truly ground shaking subwoofer, the unit uses a 700 watt long throw 12" downward firing drive unit , contained in 10 mm thick die cast aluminum.

The subs base has a raised base giving the maximum deflection of low frequencies into any room which unlike some designs dose not rely on the flooring . Like the sputnik the spherical cabinet eliminates standing waves giving open and musical bass. The base unit is made from a dense composite allowing the amps the be comfortably housed inside.

The subterranean comes in two models M1 single 250 watt amplifier for standard use M2 along with the 250 watt amplifier it also has 2 x 100watt amplifiers for powering speakers making any stereo amp.

Frequency response 20- 200 Hz
RMS power 250 watt + 2 x 100 watt
M1 RMS power 250 watt
M2 Drive unit 12" cast frame with a neodymium magnet
Dimension 61cm x 50 cm x 50 cm ( H W D) Weight Net 28.8 kg - M2 Net 28.0 kg - M1

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